History Man the Story

Racing’s History Man the Story!

Watching Channel 4s Morning Line one Saturday the lovely Tanya (the female) Stevenson (every racing fans dream date) mentioned that in particular race the history of the last 3years horses drawn 1 to 3 have won this race. True to Tanya’s prediction a horse drawn in first 3 won. The lovely Tanya changed my life!

Having studying percentages, profit & loss accounts, forecast and balance books for many years I was amazed how many horse racing stats and information there are available. More of a revelation was how in certain races history repeats itself. Also how certain strike rates are constant year and year again.

I became fascinated, obsessed and spent hours devising a simple spread sheet to calculate the potential winners in a race. Now it’s a full computer programme.

The system progresses and improves every day; any race with history will qualify, perfect for the Handicap betting.

But the proof is in the results.

This is a free service for racing fans.

Each day (if applicable) The History Man will add the tip for the day by 10-30am

So follow the History Man let’s see how we do:


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